Personal Training

Let our fitness professionals tailor a new workout program to fit your needs. You’ll learn the best techniques and develop exercise habits that will give you the best results. Please contact our Fitness Specialist at 636-474-8122 to set up an appointment.

1 session = $50.00 1 session = $60.00
3 sessions = $135.00 3 sessions = $165.00
6 sessions = $258.00 6 sessions = $318.00
9 sessions = $378.00 9 sessions = $468.00
12 sessions = $492.00 12 sessions = $612.00
24 sessions = $960.00 24 sessions = $1200.00
$85 Couple per session
$215 Couple with purchase of 3 sessions
$420 Couple with purchase of 6 sessions
$612 Couple with purchase of 9 sessions

Dynamic Training

Join this small group training program for personal training at an even smaller cost! Dynamic Training will give you a "results guaranteed" workout customized to your fitness level and goals, as our certified trainers guide you through exercises and challenges sure to get your heart pumping.

Youth Sports Performance Training

This program designed by trainer Ryan Helms can help participants improve in each of the five biomotor abilities with each workout:  strength, speed, endurance, agility and coordination, and flexibility. The training can also help develop proper habits that may reduce the risk of injuries.

Strength training will focus on progressively developing upper and lower body strength, core strength and stability through various periodization models. Speed training will focus on mastering efficient movement mechanics to optimize acceleration and maximum speed movement pertaining specifically to a given sport. Endurance training will progress from general to specific interval, shuttle and sprint training. Participants will become proficient at proper running and acceleration techniques. Flexibility will be emphasized with each session and each athlete will be stretched by Mr. Helms at the conclusion of the workout.

One-On-One PricingSmall Group Training
(3–5 Participants)
6 sessions = $220/$221 6 sessions = $75/$84
12 sessions = $384/$424 12 sessions = $150/$166
24 sessions = $744/$818 24 sessions = $300/$331